After the events of the House Of Ashes, about a month or so, Jason seeks out Salim to talk about what occurred. After meeting with him, Jason sees that Salim is struggling to go about everyday life. Following his concern, Jason refuses to leave, and temporarily moves in with him. As friends, of course.


First Chapter y'all. Also first fic soooooo lets see how this one goes. Just recently played through HOA and these two are so deeply in love you cannot convince me otherwise.

Chapter 1: Reunited
  It had been a month since the tragedy in the depths of Iraq, and boy was Jason happy to finally be gone, even if it meant being interrogated by plastic pricks. They still had so many questions, but Jason had already spilled every detail down to the nastiest, grittiest bits of it all. At this point he was willing to tell them it was all a crazy-ass dream just to get away from here.
自伊拉克地底下的灾难发生以来已经过去了一个月,Jason当然对他们成功从那个地狱里脱身一事高兴得不得了,即使那意味着必须被一群塑料玩意审问个不停。他们的问题只增不减,而Jason已经把所有他所知道的全都倾倒得一点不剩,甚至被迫将最恶心、最令人发指的细节都给描述到位。这个点上只要能让他早点走出这个鬼地方, 叫他推翻之前的解释说全是他放个屁的功夫编的故事都行。

   "You're sure about what you saw?" Asked the yellow hazmat-suited figure who had been questioning Jason for the past few weeks.

   Jason leaned back for what felt like the thousandth time, "Yes,  Goddamnit. I am 100% positive that I saw what I saw. You wanna fuckin' probe my brain or somethin'?" He drawled, closing his eyes as his head dropped backwards with fatigue.

   The figure leaned forward and spoke quieter, "No sir, we just want to get the story straight."

   "Straight? This story is a windin' goddamn path and you want to straighten it? You're fucking crazy, that's what you are." Jason stated.

   "I understand your frustration, Lieutenant, but the stories that everyone told us just don't seem plausible, that's all. I know it's been a long month but we just need your cooperation to decipher what went down." The uniform crinkled under the weight of the person inside, as if to say "We have nothing left to ask."

   Jason let out a deep sigh and looked into the gas mask in front of him, "Can I go?" The same question asked every day, and always the same answer.


The lieutenant shot up in his seat, eyes widened and grin quickly growing, "What'd you just say?" Adrenaline rushing and blood flowing, his body felt like it was on fire.

"We are discharging everyone who survived. You all lived through such horror and lost so many soldiers. We are still doing research here, and we don't have anything else to discuss with you. You can go." The words settled onto the table like a thick layer of smog, and was blown away as Jason leapt from his seat and walked right out., not bothering to turn around or say goodbye.

As he left, Camp Slayer was dead silent. It was eerie as all hell to Jason. The base was normally full of soldiers waiting for the next mission, the next job, the next workout routine, but it was empty.

Merwin's speakers were still stacked in the same corner, with the same weights and CDs scattered around. A thin layer of dust covered it all, a reminder of those who didn’t make it out.

Walking through the briefing room, Jason peered over tables littered with documents and old cups of coffee. Jason shut his eyes and imagined everyone the day they left, standing and talking, alive.

Brushing off the feeling of dread, he moved towards the door, hitting a table accidentally.

“Shit!” He exclaimed, turning around and seeing something had fallen.

Creeping towards it as if not to disturb anything else, he grabbed a photo off of the floor, and recognized it as the photo Joey had carried with him.

“Sorry buddy.” Fuck.

Jason moved out of the front doors, and let out a low whistle at the barren state of what was a bustling community full of tents and patrolmen, and chose to leave it behind.

"I have to go see my son." Salim said in a solemn tone. Even in the light of day, his eyes still sparkled.

"Yeah, of course." Jason replied, still in shock that they had made it through the eclipse and well, everything that came before.

Salim walked close, carefully placing each step as if he were afraid to plummet once more, and joined with Jason.

"You will not forget me, right?" He asked in a soft whisper, holding his hand out, waiting.

Jason looked down at the dusty and bloody grip waiting for him, and clasped his own within Salim's, "How could I?"

Salim smiled, and Jason swore he saw God within it.

"From here, an hour East into town. First house on the left is mine. The door will always be open for you, my friend."

Jason took a moment to keep it fresh in his mind, and to write it down as soon as possible, "You sure? I wouldn't wanna be a bother to you." He replied, keeping his tone even as not to give away the fear behind it.

"Always, Jason. Dead of night or crack of dawn I will be there waiting. I have no shame in waiting. Do you?" And with one final hug, Salim turned to the East, and finally went home.

"Always, huh?" Jason muttered as the Jeep slammed against a few holes in the road as he drove through the dusty plain. It had been a month since Salim had given him directions to his home, and it had been forty-five minutes since Jason started driving. Too long had he waited to see Salim, and too short was the drive. His thumbs drummed against the steering wheel as he tried to calm his nerves but nothing seemed to work. A month is a long time , Jason thought as he saw the sight of a town closing in.

“Fuck me. I’m really doing this?” He complained as he pulled down the dirt street slowly, and saw the famed house on his left. Shit shit shi-


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