When that Eclipse hit, Jason lured those creatures away from the others, but paid a hefty price. Good thing for him that Salim wasn't willing to abandon him. And now they have to work together in the aftermath of everything, and neither quite know how to deal with Jason's new additions to his body.

Or: Salim has to look after a pet vampire in the form of one Jason Kolchek.
或者长话短说:Salim得看顾一只叫Jason Kolchek的宠物吸血鬼。

So, as I've written a fic for each of these games so far, I thought -meh- why not this one as well? (Legit just finished the game) Plus, Jason and Salim...Yall can't tell me they ain't adorable together. Ps, I wasn't sure what tag to put the game under cuz it ain't a thing yet apparently, so my bad.

Note: If this fic is continued then it will be based on Jason being a hybrid vampire. Meaning, the boy keeps his good looks and has traditional fangs, only thing different is the poor bugger has to get used to wings.


I am no professional - there will be mistakes in my work. (It's also late here)
There will be blood drinking in later chapters
There will also be smut in later chapters
These two are idiots but we love them anyway
Vampire wings are sensitive -who knew?
Oh, and swearing. Lots of Kolchek swearing.

Chapter 1

Thump, thump, thump…

Jason woke up to the rhythmic -hypnotic- sound of a heart beating. One that wasn’t his own. It was like sweet music to his ears, something he could have listened to for the rest of his days, and there was more, he was certain that he could hear the flow of delicious smelling blood pumping through someone’s veins.

Brown orbs opened wide. Heavy coughs and wheezes broke from his mouth as he battled to control his breathing. He tried to get up, having been on his stomach, but warm hands lightly pressed against his side, a soft voice calling out to him in an attempt to calm his thrashing movements and it took him longer than it should have to realise who it was ---


Jason thought for a minute that they were still in that pit of hell, memory taking its time to come back to him, but he soon recalled what happened. They escaped. Not before his team wanted to abandon Salim, but he couldn’t do it, he went back, one epic fight and a javelin throw later, and they got out. All of them. Alive.

Then the damn Eclipse happened.

Jason tried to get those damn alien-vampire-things -whatever the fucks- away from the others. Away from Salim. The man deserved to see his son again after everything they’d been through. He drew their attention. A game of cat and mouse took place for almost six whole minutes before…

He couldn’t remember pass that.

The fuck…

“W-wh-where a-re we?” Jason struggled to talk. His throat felt like sandpaper. Brown orbs glancing around to see a pleasant looking place, nothing like they’d witnessed, this place was nice, inviting, homely.

“My home,” Salim answered. He was on his knees beside the American who remained on his stomach on a far too comfortable bed. Well, maybe it wasn’t comfortable, but in that moment, it was one of the softest things he’d felt in a long while. “Your friends… They… They were taken away in a helicopter, away from that place.”

Jason slowly frowned. “Why…” He swallowed harshly. “Why didn’t they take us?”

Salim sat back on his legs, a hesitance in his dark eyes. “They left you behind. I couldn’t do it. When I saw the helicopters come in, I hid. I waited. And then I found you, but those vampires, they…” His voice trailed off for a moment. “I thought you were dead, but I couldn’t leave you there, so I brought you here.”

Jason managed, very painstakingly, to raise himself on his arms a little so his head was no longer against a cushion. “What aren’t you telling me, Salim?”

The Iraqi soldier shuffled a little, unable to meet Jason’s eyes. “I did not realise that they infected you until there were signs of a transformation---”

“Transformation?” He questioned. Frown deepening.

That was when Jason felt it. The slightest trace of a flutter against his back. He peered over his shoulder. Eyes going wide once more as he saw what was protruding out of his back.

Wings. Fucking batwings.

“What the fuck?!” Jason cried out as the wings began to flap and he was lifted into the air.

“You need to calm down, Jason!” Salim tried.

“Calm down?!” Jason yelled. “I have fucking batwings sticking out my back how the fuck am I supposed to calm down?!”

Salim shrugged far too innocently as he could do nothing but watch as the soldier ended up hitting his head off the ceiling of his home, he winced, Jason shouting more curse words.

“How the fuck do I control these damn things?!” Jason’s arms and legs were wiggling aimlessly in the air as the new addition to his body continued to flap aggressively to the point that he hit his head again. “Motherfucker!”

“They are your wings,” Salim pointed out like he should know how to use them.

“There ain’t no damn guidebook on how to use these fuckers up here!”

“Just…” Salim kept motioning with his hands like it would help the situation before throwing them up in defeat. “Just stop flapping them?”

“Not helpful!”

Salim reached out, grasping Jason’s legs, pulling him down with a hefty tug. Knocking them both to the ground -before the American could even think clearly for a second- the older male was pinning him down, body weight against his waist -straddling him- and his wrists were held to floor which stopped any motion of his wings that were grounded beneath his arms.

“Thanks,” Jason chimed, a little out of breath with his head aching from where it made contact with the roof.

“You are welcome,” Salim offered a warm smile.

There was a silence that captured them. Both seemingly realising how close the other was.

Their faces were inches apart and Jason was sure that if he lifted his head just a little then their lips would have been able to meet, but then he felt a tug, his mouth suddenly feeling numb as his canines began to drop -like they were growing, becoming sharper- having to fight the temptation to sink them into the inviting flesh on top of him ---

Jason turned his head away abruptly. Breathing harshly as he tried to control himself.

No, no, no.

He was not thinking about biting Salim. He was not thinking about how good it would feel to have his teeth inside of him. He was not thinking about how amazing his blood would taste against his tongue.

Salim, of course, noticed his reluctance and peeled himself away. “I’m sorry, I should not have---”

He wasn’t at fault, Jason wanted to tell him, but he couldn’t as he scrambled away until his back hit against a desk, hissing as the pressure squished his wings against the wood. Damn things.

Salim looked hurt, and that killed Jason more than anything, he wanted to reach out, reassure him that everything was fine, but he was scared that if he got too close that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. And there was no way he was going to hurt the raven-haired male.

“You, ugh, you know what happened to the team after they got on that chopper?”

Salim shook his head.

“I gotta go and find them,” Jason stood on shaky legs, wobbling, Salim having to catch him before he fell flat on his face, leading him to the bed and helping him sit down as a dizzy spell took over his mind.

“You have to rest, Jason.” Salim said next to him -too close again- and why did his name sound so sweet coming from his lips?

Jason was the one to shake his head this time. “No,” he breathed. Keeping control of himself. “I need to – I need to - oh fuck.”

Jason’s eyes almost rolled into the back of his head as he felt Salim’s hand tenderly rubbing between his shoulder blades, wings going limp as his delicate touch spread to them, sending shivers down the American’s spine, blood trickling south at the pleasant sensation that those fingers brought to him as they twirled in calming circles over the extensions of his body.

“You need to rest,” Salim insisted as he helped to lay Jason back down on the bed, palms brushing lightly over the wings that made the other male shudder, eyes closing, forcing himself not to purr from the feeling that sparked through his system.

This was a feeling that he could only describe as being bliss.

Jason was about to protest, but never got the chance as soft nothingness was whispered into his ear, in Arabic, and he found himself falling back into oblivion…

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